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Prayer is intimate conversation with God.
Each faith tradition has different postures for prayer. Scriptures demonstrate that people pray on their knees; others bow, lie prostrate, or
even stand. Some of us pray with our eyes opened or closed; hands folded or extended, quietly or aloud. The important thing is to pray in the least distracting manner.

We are blessed as Catholic Christians to have a variety of prayer and spiritualities. Our liturgy is rich with prayers that should help us to meditate on the Trinity; the relation of God the Father, to God the Son, to God the Holy Spirit. That relationship also encompasses each of us. During mass we confess; we ask for Godís mercy on each and every one of us; we praise God for who He is; we pray not only for our needs but for those of the whole world; we profess our faith in who God is; we praise God for what He has done and what He continues to do; we call on God to feed us with the Bread of life, and lastly God sends us out to share Him with the world.

We have the Rosary where we meditate on the life of Jesus through His and our mother, Mary. Some pray the Divine Office. Others call on the saints; meditate on the Scriptures; pray the Psalms. Still there are those who use spontaneous prayer, while there are others who use silence.

Most important we encounter Jesus in silent prayer in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

Please visit our Prayer section. In it you will find a variety of prayers.

Jesus said: Ask and you will receive; Knock and it will be opened; Seek and you shall find. Believe that you will receive everything you ask in Jesusí name and if it is for your good.

Should you have a personal need, please feel free to fill out the prayer request. Know that there is a team of prayer warriors ready to assist you in praying.




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